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There is a lot to learn for those serious about riding, especially if the aim is to ride in competitions, but HorseRidingLesson offers a guiding hand. From riding skills, to grooming, to buying a horse, here you'll find all the 'horsy' information you'll need.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: What Age Should Children Start Riding Lessons?, How Do You Enter...
Buying A Horse
Buying A Horse: Where to Buy a Horse?, Financial Implications of Buying a Horse,...
Caring For Your Horse
Caring For Your Horse: A Healthy Diet for Your Horse, Is Racing Horses...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Being a Stable Hand: A Case Study, Why I Became a Riding Instructor:...
Horse Riding Equipment
Horse Riding Equipment: Tail Guards, Bridles and Accessories, Buying...
Horse Riding For Children
Horse Riding For Children: Is Horse Riding Safe for My Child?, The Role of a...
Horse Riding Sports
Horse Riding Sports: Horse Riding Holiday Guide, The History of...
Human Riding Equipment
Human Riding Equipment: Breeches or Jodhpurs, Riding Hats, Chaps and...
Questionnaires: Questionnaire: Which Equestrian Sport Will Suit Me Best?...
Riding Schools
Riding Schools: What to Expect from a Riding School, Become a Horse Riding Tutor,...
Showjumping: Dressage: Horse Riding Discipline, Different Types of Jumps, Cross...
Start Riding
Start Riding: Categories of Horses for Riding, Turning Circles, Slowing and...
Latest Comments
  • Kim
    Re: Mucking Out
    How old do you have to be able to do stable hand ?
    30 January 2017
  • Grace
    Re: Showjumping: Where to Start
    To compete at high levels in showjumping is it easier to have your own horse, share or loan? Thanks
    13 December 2016
  • kelseklwel
    Re: What Equipment Will You Need?
    i have just starting riding only had one lesson already got the boots jodphurshat polo and whip im really serious about this
    7 October 2016
  • lils
    Re: What to Wear as a Beginner
    I am a beginner and I was wondering what are the best joppers , gloves .etc. that I could buy could you help me.
    23 April 2016
  • Loulou
    Re: What Equipment Will You Need?
    I found this very good because my daughter is at cantering stage and we were thinking about getting her a horse although did not…
    1 April 2016
  • Gauri
    Re: What Equipment Will You Need?
    I am horse lover & ride English as it is the most comfortable style for me
    31 March 2016
  • Tash
    Re: Riding Hats
    I don't jump yet but I do a lot of canter work in my lessons. Do I need a body protector or not?
    18 February 2016
  • Dessy
    Re: What Equipment Will You Need?
    I never had to use a helmet, crop, or proper clothing while training my horses. When I first got my Arabian cross she was crazy,…
    15 January 2016
  • HorseRidingLesson
    Re: Horse Boxes and Trailers
    @Darren - there are places that give horsebox driver training, so that you can drive with confidence, as it can be a stressful…
    17 June 2015
  • Darren
    Re: Horse Boxes and Trailers
    I am learning to ride a horse and would like to know where I can get experience in driving with a horse box because I have only driven…
    14 June 2015
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